Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nike donates uniforms to Egyptians not have to use imitations

The Egyptian team in the London Olympics will not have to use imitations made in China!

Nike said Friday it will donate clothing to Egyptians athletes . The announcement came two days later, after the executive director of the Egyptian Olympic Committee had to use imitations claimed that real clothes it was too expensive.

"We are pleased that these athletes can enjoy the highest quality of a genuine Nike product," Said the company  in a statement.

Maj. Gen. Ahmed Fouly, Egypt's head of mission in London, said they had offered to pay for the clothes, but Nike insisted it's free.

The Nike clothing, which costs $ 300 to $ 500 per athlete, must come to London on Saturday.

"This is good news. We thank you for this gesture," said Fouly,
Egyptian sports authorities launched an investigation into the imitations and the country's top prosecutor also opened a file.

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