Friday, August 24, 2012

Nike The Chance

Players of Nike 'The Chance' have been visited by two famous personalities in the world of football. David Luiz, Chelsea Central, and Marco Materazzi, former footballer of Perugia and Inter Milan, among others, have given encouragement and advice to the young footballers.

"They must fight for their opportunities. Never stop fighting," said the Brazilian defender. For his part, former Marco Materazzi has recalled its beginnings in the world of football and has advised the boys to "do what they do, what they characterized"

Courage. Is another word that Materazzi has instilled in the players seeking to 'The Chance' your chance to become someone in the world of football. "They must be brave because it is a great occasion. The hundred players who have come here are all very good, and now have to be brave," advised former footballer.

In just a few hours of life 16 soccer players is about to change. Nike 'The Chance' is dismissed and the die is already cast. And it's in the hands of the players. The best man win.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Adidas beats Nike in London Olympic Games

Adidas, number two in the sports equipment industry, beats U.S. and worldwide leader Nike in the  London Olympics (London 2012).

The result of the competition between the two brands can be accounted by the number of athletes (medals) appointed by each of the manufacturers.

According to the analysis proposed by the newspaper Le Figaro, noting the fact that Adidas was the official sponsor of OJ London, the German brand has collected 226 medals, while Nike only 117.